Why on earth did you call it that?


Hello to you all!

I’m excited, I have a brand new blog!

Some of you will remember that I previously had a blog….this one aims to be different!

Firstly, to answer my own question…some of you reading this will know me personally, but many won’t! This seems like an obvious statement, but even to those who know me, everyone knows people on different levels, some know little and some know lots. So this reason is for all! 

I have over the past few years become more and more myself, and for me this means listening to my intuition, my inner voice, which is something I’ve had to learn to do, and being true to myself. And being true to myself means being healthy, speaking my truth, being strong, being kind to those I love and to the world around me, and not accepting less than I deserve. I am fully aware of my faults, as well as my strengths. And yes, and I have been called this more than once, I’m a bit of a hippy! But, as the title says, a ‘contemporary hippy’!

This means that I live as healthily and green as I can, but I know what I like! I know I like comforts and luxuries, and am able to get those for me and my children when they are required, which puts me in a very fortunate position, more fortunate than most in my shoes.

This blog is a place allowing me to commentate my feelings on whatever moves me at that moment, much like a newspaper or magazine article does. It’s not always relevant to others lives, but it’s what’s happening for me at that time…which I think is my excuse for writing about whatever I choose!

So, I hope you enjoy reading what I write, and if you have anything to add, please comment and share. I look forward to some excellent conversations 🙂


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