So much to say, so little time…


I realise, once again, I have been absent from here, which is odd, because I really have so much to say!

Knowing you have so much to say, and how to say it, though, are two very different things. The energy behind the words holds its own invitation for interpretation, and once it is out there, in the universe, it cannot be taken back.

So, I have been busy learning, and expanding, and growing (not literally, I’m the same size!).

My life is unrecognisable from the life I was living twelve months ago. I have a new business,, which I am in the process of growing, as I grow. It is a holistic therapy business, and focuses on helping people….that it very much the direction I want to live in. I want to help….

And part of me helping, which may not make sense to all, is me talking. I have something to say, and can no longer quiet! So I am using this space, the space I have previously used, to speak my thoughts and hopefully open things up for debate….

Come, chat with me….it’ll be fun 🙂


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