Life is Full of Hope…

Life is Full of Hope…

…and we have to remember that.

These times are so full of despair and negativity; the media brain washes us into a constant state of fear, but its a choice…and I choose hope.

I would love to be able to change the world; to change the extreme views of people who appear to have gotten those places again through fear. Fear fuels hate; and I refute hate, in all areas of my life. I don’t even allow my children to use the word.

But, I am realistic enough to realise that I cannot change the whole world alone; so I choose to change my world to a world that makes me happy, from the inside out, in the hope that my positivity will be passed on from person to person, starting with my children. My life is in no way perfect, and to be honest, I’m not even sure what that looks like, but I know what makes me happy and I know what makes me feel bad; I CHOOSE to stay away from all that makes me feel bad.

And, I focus on the things that make me feel good:

  • My children and being with them and listening to them laugh, and seeing the wonder on their innocent faces when we share experiences together; the love they give and cuddles we share and their stories about their own lives; these things fill me with joy;
  • My friends, who have been there through good times and bad, as I have for them, and who know me inside and out, even in my crazy days!;
  • For being able to provide all the basic comforts and needs to me and mine, in the knowledge that so many others have not even these things, and I’m so grateful to be so lucky to live this life;
  • Having hope that one day I will meet someone, and fall madly in love, in a way that allows my soul to rejoice and sing, and know that I am safe in that space with them, because they feel the same way about me.

On the last point, I read a poem this morning on that I just had to share with you. It could be applicable to any romantic relationship, but the hope within in it, and the feelings it elicited in me, meant that I couldn’t ignore it, so here it is:

By Sarah Harvey

There is nothing sexier than a man
Who knows how to traverse the juicy pathways of his own heart
A man who can stand to be called out on his sh*t
A man who, when you boldly ask him to be there,
Says yes—hell yes
And shows up beautifully,
With every ounce of his beating heart.

There is nothing more beautiful than a man
Who talks openly and passionately about what’s on his mind
Rather than pulling far away and glossing it over
With a bullish*t generic response of
“I’m fine.”

There is nothing more breathtaking in the world than a man
Who knows the salty taste of tears
A man who lets you see him on his worst days
And raw—
Vulnerability hanging out of his split-open heart like ripped ribbons.

There is nothing more bone-suckin’ delicious than a man
Who knows how to take care of a woman,
How to touch her softly and fiercely at the same time
How to f*ck her wildly while gazing gently into the sapphire depths of her soul
How to set her free while claiming her
And make her feel like a cherished jewel of divinity,
Like the goddess she is.

There is absolutely nothing more astounding than a man
Who kisses like he could die five minutes from now
A man who understands the gem preciousness of this breath
This inhale…and exhale…
A man who wants nothing more
Than to face the world together
As you both smile,
Set the air around you on delicate fire
Transcend bullsh*t
And ascend towards nectar galaxies far too beautiful to comprehend.

There is nothing more maddeningly magnificent than a man
Who pulls you close and declares his love for you
And shouts it from the rooftops like music
And weaves his fingers through yours with ripe enthusiasm
And isn’t scared to call you too soon
And call you out on your sh*t
And call you
The luscious love of
His life.

There is nothing more goddamn gorgeous than a man
Who is fiercely himself
Who holds the strongest heart space
In his warm, sultry embrace
For you to bloom
And soar
As he does the same.

At the end of every dissolving sands, apricot sunset-soaked day—there is nothing sexier than a man
Who knows how to love himself.
A man who values the truth running through his veins like sacred ink.
A man brave enough to be there for you—and himself—when sh*t is beautiful and when it’s completely falling apart.
This is the kind of man you deserve.
A man who isn’t afraid of emotion.
A man who shows up one hundred percent.
A man who is ready—who craves—every drop, drip and ounce of an authentic, earthy goddess of a wonderful woman like you.

Let him kiss you with his entire being until you remember who you really are.
Don’t settle down with him—
Settle up
Into a more luscious, technicolor life
A life so beautiful it hurts sometimes.
A life so fulfilling you’ll never be thirsty again.
A life so freeing and spun of soul it makes you dizzy.
Anything less than this
Heartfelt, present, purely sacred beauty
Is a goddamn
Don’t settle
Settle up.
‘Cause when the divine masculine meets the divine feminine, magic happens.
The sweetest magic of all.



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