Is it over yet? Is it just me?


So the big day is over…and to that I say ‘hurrah’!

For many, many years I haven’t been a fan of Christmas. The list of reasons are numerous from parental divorce, my divorces, children being away, being alone…being lonely.

Loneliness is a bastard!! That is my official opinion! And loneliness + heartbreak = misery. And that’s a truly horrible equation. Then there’s trying to figure out a new approach to get out of the crappy funk that comes with it.

All I’ve got heal with and through it, is child cuddles and puppy cuddles! And chocolate!

There is a pattern, though. And it’s time that pattern was gone; changed for a new better way.

I want more! I deserve more! In everything!

And that is going to be my medicine, my cure.


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