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The Tubby Boy with Wings…

The Tubby Boy with Wings…

It’s that time of year where the commercial world tells us once again that it’s time to show our beloved that they mean something to us, by prescription, because we have to be told, apparently! And also, to remind those without a significant someone that they are single, and that they should have a problem with that!!!!!

Why is Valentine’s Day such a big deal? Don’t get me wrong, everyone wants to be loved and to have that love shown, but why in the hell do we need to be told, or reminded, that we need to do that?!!

And why does it matter so much to so many if they are single on Valentine’s Day?

It’s just another day, the same as any other. In my opinion, we should all tell the person we are in love with how we feel, and show how we feel, without the need for a once yearly reminder. Anne Frank pointed out that people receive more flowers after they are dead than when they are alive….why does Valentine’s Day have to be the only day of the year we try to rectify this?