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Am I a ‘runner’ yet?!


I run! I find it weird to say that because I always despised running, even the idea of it. I know despised is a strong word to use, but that was the strength of my feeling!

Years ago I tried running. I was terrible at it, hated it. Granted I was heavier than I am now, so that probably didn’t help, but still. I even got myself a trainer to help me…made no difference, and I gave up.

Some how, for reasons unknown to me, I now run and actually enjoy it! So much so, that I have signed up for a 10k race in September as a warm up to a half marathon I’m doing in October (please sponsor me at just giving.com/nataliecarter, thanking you kindly :-)).

But, having only been running ‘properly’, whatever that means in my own head, for 6 months, I still don’t know if I can call myself a ‘runner’?! I mean, I run 3 times a week, and even own fluorescent orange running shoes and a selection of lycra running clothing…does that make me a runner?

Runners World did a poll via Twitter in May 2013 asking their followers ‘when can I call myself a runner?’. Here are some of the responses that stood out to me as they felt how I feel:

Dan W. – You actually get upset when you can’t run

Josalyn W. – Someone asks you how far the beach is, and you say, “2.68 miles, unless you run around the block first. Then it’s 3.77 miles.”

Suzanne S. – When you’re driving, you think, “This would be a great road to run on.”

Andrew H. – Not running hurts more than running.

Cheryl K. – You don’t giggle when someone says “fartlek.”

Herb C. – You read hundreds of comments by runners laughing and agreeing with 99% of them!

I have come to the conclusion that maybe I am a runner, I mean, I actually know what a ‘fartlek’ is for goodness sake (its a Swedish word meaning ‘speed play’ and combines continuous training with intervals). And if I don’t run I get grumpy! I mean come on, when did I become that person?!

I am a runner, and some days I hate it and it hurts like hell (well, the hurting is most day!), but I also kind of love it….what has happened to me?!