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What exactly am I trying to achieve?


Obvious statement….everyone’s life is different! That’s a given. But being happy in the life you’ve got is not always an easy thing to achieve. Yes, we make choices and sometimes the choices we make govern many other decisions that follow those choices. For example, having children.

As a single mother, much of my time is taken up with my children’s care and needs. It goes without saying that I am happy to do this. I love them both with all my being. But is it so wrong that I want more?

Even the suggestion of this makes me feel and guilty, and I can hear the gasps from the likes of the Women’s Institute from here! Lily Allen was recently slated for saying that she found being at home all day with her children mind numbing and that she needed more……good on her I say!

If my kids weren’t here, you wouldn’t see me for dust! If I had no responsibilities and not a care in the world, I would sell everything and become a yoga teacher, travelling and living, and seeing all the countries of the world that call to me so loudly and so frequently.

The job that I have pays for our life, but it is slowly killing my soul! Yes, that’s a little dramatic, but it’s how it feels at times. So, I have made a decision…

I have decided to fill my life with positivity! To do all the things I love that make my soul sing. And so what if I have responsibilities that mean I do a job that bores me?! In the time that I have that is free (virtually every weekday evening being a single mother!), I will do the things that fill me with joy.

I have a list:

Write, in whatever format I choose, including doing a creative writing course;

Practice yoga;

Plan my next amazing travelling adventure;

Although it doesn’t yet make my soul sing, run! It makes my body hurt, but I feel better. Having said that, I’m beginning to wonder if signing up for the Great Birmingham Run half marathon in October was a good idea, the training is brutal (please sponsor me at just giving.com/nataliecarter, thank you :-))

Learning about nutrition and healthy living, and turning this new info into healthy food to benefit all 3 of us.


I plan to write/blog about all of these things, and other subjects, of course!

I’m done being bored and frustrated with my life….let’s get on with it! 😊