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What’s so weird about being ‘weird’ anyway?!!

What’s so weird about being ‘weird’ anyway?!!

An old friend said to me recently, ‘…you know, you’ve turned into a hippy don’t you?’. I think it was right after I’d mentioned that I had made my own washing powder, the recipe for which I had found on a witches website (apparently they have websites these days!) and did she want it?!! I think the fact that I am now spattered with tattoo’s of various significant meaning on areas of my body that I can choose to reveal, or not, if I so choose to!

I once went on a date with a guy, who turned out to be a ‘bum’ doctor (he specialised in pelvic floors!). He, who read history books for fun, concluded that I was a hippy because I had tattoo’s and my ears had two ear piercings instead of the standard one! And he said this to me like it was an insult, when in fact I was quite pleased!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear tie-dyed clothing and swirly skirts, not that there is anything wrong with either if that is your choice, its just not mine. In fact, on this particular date, I believe I was wearing very expensive Nicole Farhi boots with skinny jeans and a tight black vest top, which I don’t think are de-rigueur for your stereotypical hippy?!

As for my original question about being weird, my friends will agree that I can be a bit weird…whats wrong with that?! Yes, I can read tarot cards if I so choose to; yes, I do Reiki and feel vibrations and chakras; yes, I believe I have spirit guides, and talk to them……SO?! Isn’t me believing these things and putting my faith in the universe and what it has to give the same as someone else having religion? (Don’t get me started on religion!) If these beliefs make me weird, I’m happy with that….I’m very happily weird in my own weird world!